Pyron Solar develops and manufactures low profile concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar power systems that are suspended in and cooled by water and designed for utility and commercial scale projects.

The Pyron Solar system is producing power from an array of solar cells exposed to highly concentrated sunlight. Large magnifying lenses raise the sunlight concentration to 6,500 suns on a small pinpoint of light. A specially designed and manufactured glass body, a secondary optic takes the 6,500 sun pinpoint and spreads out the concentrated solar flux, so that the sun’s energy is deposited evenly on the small substrate based multi-junction solar cell at 1,200 sun concentration. Achieving high concentration levels while maintaining low cell temperatures is a key technical issue to commercially viable CPV systems. Floating on water provides significant cooling and balance advantages and therefore results in exceptionally high power outputs per each solar cell. A dual axis tracking system allows the lenses to be pointed towards the sun at all times to capture as much sunlight as possible during the day. The Pyron Solar low-profile system has been designed to provide an efficient and cost-effective source of solar power with the benefit of a very small footprint. Only 3.1 acres of land are needed to build 1MW of solar power.

Pyron Solar has developed and refined an elegant, proprietary solution perfect for utility companies, those with rural electrification needs, and large commercial firms. As is true with many innovations, the solution, once understood, seems obvious. Yet no other company was able to develop and patent an optics system that so effectively captures and directs the sun’s energy; no other company uses water as a passive coolant and no other company has designed such a low-profile, attractive product.

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